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Working hard on the wrong things is a common issue in companies of all sizes, particularly as you grow. Functionally forces founders and executives to not just clearly define organizational goals but translate them into functions, tasks and roles for the future. In doing this, Functionally empowers managers and teams with the clarity they need to direct energy towards mission critical activity, without guessing.

With Functionally, you see first hand the direct contribution you and your team make to the company mission, and are given the information you need to reduce working on the wrong things, at any stage of growth.

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With Functionally, you...

Manage with clarity

Help every team member find clarity on their role, the company’s expectations and how what they do connects to the overall purpose.

Stay accountable

Know exactly what your role looks like and the role of those around you, leading to a more transparent and accountable culture.

Lead up

Ground up feedback drives healthy organizations, and Functionally facilitates conversations between employees and leadership on what is and isn’t getting done, high level expectations vs. on-the-ground reality, and what team members love working on.

Let the platform drive difficult conversations

Functionally connects purpose and goals to functions, tasks and KPIs, providing clear direction on what needs to be done and by when.

Collaborate better

When every function in an organization is mapped and managed in real-time, collaboration becomes easier when you know who does what, and inter-department initiatives embraces a greater pool of skill sets and increase the speed and quality of what can be done.

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1/5 Job Landscape: How each person spends their energy, and what their affinity is for future roles.
2/5 Superfunction Overview: Visibility and clarity for all on who works on what priority.
3/5 Team Overview: Manager snapshot of their entire team and the responsibilities.
4/5 All Staff: Track the progress and job landscapes of every staff member, drilling down as needed.
5/5 Functional Chart: An organization-wide view on everything your company needs to be successful.
"Be sure to consider the number of managers you’ll need to hire and the timing. They are critical parts of the infrastructure of the team" Tomasz Tunguz, Redpoint Capital