Create a clearer vision of the future and remain on the pulse of what’s happening as you grow.

Explore Functionally

1/5 Job Landscape: how each person spends their energy, and what their affinity is for future roles.
2/5 Superfunction Overview: visibility and clarity for all on who works on what priority.
3/5 Team Overview: manager snapshot of their entire team and the responsibilities.
4/5 All Staff: track the progress and job landscapes of every staff member, drilling down as needed.
5/5 Functional Chart: an organization-wide view on everything your company needs to be successful.

The Functionally Libraries A strategy is only as successful as the functions that make it happen. Map every capability, business process and activity in your organization by leveraging the Functionally libraries built from years of experience of working with the industry’s fastest growing SaaS companies. The Functionally libraries are an alive and evolving codex of best practice functions that drive businesses at different stages of their growth    

Functional Mapping Functional architecture is a powerful new construct that empowers leaders at all levels to guide energy to the areas of the business that need it most. Functionally helps you map the functions your organization needs now and the ones you’ll need next, helping you drive energy to where it’s needed most.

Team Engagement Engage your managers and teams from one platform to make informed decisions and more effectively guide their teams to move the business forward. Invite real-time feedback from the ground level up on what people love doing to optimize workforce efficiency.

Gap Checks You can’t fix what you can’t see. We give you visibility into every function, position and person so you have a clear understanding of where your teams invest their time and energy, allowing you to uncover where your gaps are hurting you most. Our gap check shows you the functions you have but that nobody owns, and the ones you’re missing that you need.

Manager Visibility Working hard on the wrong things is a common issue growing companies face, and it’s a costly issue. With Functionally, managers are given new levels of visibility on the functions that their teams own, and are empowered to drive effort to align more precisely with organizational priorities,

Ground up Empowerment Team players are given clarity on their role including the functions they own and contribute to, and are shown how their success directly impacts the organization meeting it’s goals.

Ongoing Accountability Keep your team aligned and accountable to the mission at all times. Intuitively and comprehensively keep the functions that run your business up to date, connected to company mission and fit for purpose, even as you scale and pivot.

Real Time Iteration An agile structure empowers you to adjust to changes in the market, key personnel taking vacations and new opportunities that arise, without dropping any balls, and with startling efficiency. Need to spin up a new team to own a short-term initiative.

"I’ve always struggled with the traditional org chart. After seeing how the many functional roles could be sliced and diced, I was able to radically optimize my people and the workflows within my company." Arnie Boyarsky, CEO SugarShot