Connect your future to functions and your functions to people.
Q. What is Functionly?

Functionly is a SaaS platform to enable CEOs and their management team to create and maintain structure, visibility and alignment across all areas of the their organization. It is built on a methodology that has been created out of collecting best practices over many years of researching and working with fast-growing entrepreneur-led tech companies around the world.

Q. What do you mean when you talk about “Functions”?

Functions are the building blocks: strategic capabilities, key activities and people processes that your business needs in order to run effectively and deliver on your company’s goals and objectives. We help you to identify exactly what those Functions should be and provide visibility into which functions you already have today and which you need to plan on for tomorrow.

Q. How long does it take to implement Functionly?

We partner with you to get up and running as quickly as possible; after a day and a half of working together with your senior leadership team (either onsite or remote) you will have your custom Functional library completed. You will already see tangible results and have a foundation to roll out company-wide with the support of our Implementation team.

Q. Is a Functional structure the same as a reporting structure?

Sarah is an engineer and works on microsites, which is a Function of the marketing Superfunction, but this doesn’t reflect a reporting relationship between her and the marketing team. Functional architecture is independent from reporting structure (although there can be overlap), Superfunction Architects act as Subject Matter Experts and are responsible for ensuring all Functions in their area are up-to-date and articulate the business needs – they do not have a management responsibility for the execution of those activities.

Q. How will my team react to being asked details about their job?

When there is clarity around the benefits of implementing Functionly, employees are really excited to be able to show their boss the things they do, what they like working on the most and all the ways they contribute to moving the company forward.

Q. Are you an HRMS/HRIS platform?

No, we are really unlike almost anything else on the market, but we are more closely related to work design, org design and team design. We do partner closely with our client’s HR leaders so they have access to the valuable data we provide and can support in strategizing how it can be used to adapt the organization as it grows. We are able to integrate from all the commonly-used HRIS tools via excel and CSV exports.

Q. Will this replace our Performance Management / 1:1 tool?

The information that Functionly provides creates valuable shared context for conversations between managers and employees that can operate as stand alone check-ins or supplement an existing 1:1 process. Conversations are de-personalized as the discussion shifts to “how are the Functions you are working going” on as opposed to “how are you performing”. This shift is immensely impactful and we have received feedback from clients that it is one of their favorite features.

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