About Us

As successful companies grow and evolve, they often break because the right framework isn’t in place.

Our mission


Helping you to grow well

When you’re smaller, your company is easier to manage. You know each person on the team and what they’re doing. But it doesn’t last because with success comes growth, and with growth comes complexity. Growth is a great thing but it means more people; more processes, and more functions. Too often, this growth causes symptoms that have negative effects on company success and culture. Your visibility reduces, things get missed and efforts are duplicated.


Our mission is to help companies grow well while building positive, transparent and empowering cultures that retain staff. Functionally empowers teams to focus on better product and service delivery instead of spot fires caused by poor structure and resource allocation.


A better way

The world has changed and the old organizational design methods don’t work. Rigid and opaque planning is being replaced with fluid and collaborative conversations that evolve as companies do. That’s the kind of planning that we believe will build better companies. As Functionally helps more organizations learn the art of scale and grow without chaos, we are iteratively mapping and documenting a better way to grow that will make its mark in history.

"The problems are actually all the same: I don’t have the right alignment among my team and I don’t have the right executive team. And it’s always some variation of those things." Justin Kan, Atrium | Twitch | Serial Entrepreneur

Our founders

Tim Brewer

After working with entrepreneurs, companies, and communities to form, launch and maintain strategies aimed at growth, speed, sustainability and value creation, Tim began building an intricate and accurate function based methodology from his experience working with some of the industry’s most well-known brands. The culmination of that work has become the foundation for what Functionally is today.


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Damian Bramanis

Previously the founder of Teamline, a project management tool that works directly with Slack and is used by over 35,000 teams around the globe. With deep experience in product design, cloud architecture, project management and enterprise IT, Damian has worked at BankWest, Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS), The University of Western Australia, Microsoft, BHP Billiton, and the Federal Government of Australia.


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Our values

Look Outwards First We listen first, give up our egos and act with integrity, actively putting ourselves in the shoes of our customer.

Own It (Like You Own It) We admit our faults, communicate with candor and show self regulation, taking charge to make things happen.

Bias for Action We drive speed intrinsically, taking calculated chances that can be rolled back easily and working relentlessly to create value.

Use True North We challenge the norm, cultivate curiosity and share our learnings – passionate about finding a better way.

Do It Right We do the right things and we do them right, working efficiently without sacrificing quality.

Make Happiness We strive to find and share joy in our job, working hard but never taking ourselves too seriously.