Scale without Breaking

Master the complexity that scales as you do. A people alignment platform to achieve visibility and effective organizational design.
Get visibility back

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Map the functions that run your business and find your resourcing gaps to ensure the business doesn’t break as you scale.

Function first - learning from the industry’s fastest growing companies

Remove restructuring chaos and manage the complexity of growth with a people blueprint that is robust enough to serve your unique needs, even as you grow.

Empower your people to find meaning and do their best work

Functionally helps your employees gain clarity on how the work they do is directly connected with the company’s goals so that teams can prioritize mission critical tasks.

Scale with alignment

Define your functional needs for the future and create true missional alignment for every team and team member.

Functionally is built for your team

Leaders blueprint and hire better
Zoom out to see the big picture including the roles and functions you need to blueprint a plan for the future.
Managers & teams enjoy visibility
Empower your managers to drive their team’s energy and effort in the right direction. Help team members find clarity on their role and the company’s expectations.
"As a HR professional for over 25 years, Functionally is something I wish I had decades ago. This platform would have saved my clients and team hours of work required to set up and maintain clear role responsibilities."
Kattie Capozza, The Walt Disney Company | Gates Foundation

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